Making the List: October 2017

The best summer of my life to date was Summer 2014. I had just graduated high school, and I was looking forward to starting college in the fall. I spent the summer lounging on a hammock in the sun, and reading some amazing books. I can still remember how I felt that summer, how colors were brighter, and how wide open the world seemed.

Even as I was in it, I knew how precious that summer was. I would never have anything like it again – the freedom of having no responsibilities, no worries, only a to-do list completely checked off, and a fully stocked bookshelf.
This past October has been the gift of a lifetime. This month was filled with so much joy: I laid eyes on and set foot in the Pacific Ocean for the first time, I felt the least and most homesick I’ve felt since moving away, the first time I went to Glacier National Park, my first time stepping in the Yellowstone River, and most importantly, the first time like I’ve felt like a human being in who knows how long. I’ve made actual friends. I can actually feel the life being breathed back into me, and I didn’t even know how much of it I was missing.
So, all in all, it’s been a good few weeks.

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