Earthquake, Job, Rain

First: According to my geology class a few semesters ago, New England is one of the most geologically boring places on earth.

It’s been a very long time since the ocean that used to separate New York and Vermont closed, so there’s not really much in the way of earthquakes. Sure, I heard about earthquakes back home, but I never felt them – they were usually about a 3M, which meant you had to be very close to the epicenter to feel them, which I apparently never was. So, I was very surprised to feel a 5.8M quake at 1AM on a Friday. And, frankly, a little put out – I’d been having trouble falling asleep, and just as I’m feeling my body start to count down into la-la land, an earthquake decides to shake the living hell out of my bed. My first instinct was, naturally, that a ghost was doing the shaking, but once the bed started rolling like a boat on the ocean, I got with the program. How lucky am I, to move to Montana two weeks before the largest earthquake there in decades?
Next: After more than a month of unemployment – yikes – you’re now reading the blog of a once-again productive member of this capitalist society. That’s right, this girl found a job. I mean, sure, two weeks of that month was spent saying goodbye to everyone I’ve ever known and loved and moving across the country, and the rest was spent trying to settle into a brand new city 3/4 of the way across the country, but still, not having a job is definitely a weight on your shoulders. And, after throwing money in all sorts of new directions, it’s nice to finally have some coming in again. Funny how much relief a part time job can bring.
Lastly: My friend asked me about a week ago if there was anything from NH that she could send my way, and while my first instinct was maple candy, there was something else on the list: rain. A month in Montana and not a single drop of rain – until today. Getting out of work, I was greeted with the greatest gift I could have asked for from the universe: a good, old fashioned thunderstorm. Lightning striking the mountains, steady rain occasionally turning into a downpour, the works. It only lasted about 15 minutes, and it wasn’t the kind of heat rain I’ve been missing so much, but damn it if it didn’t put a grin on my face. It even brought the temperature down to 65°, which after the 100°+ weather we’ve been having, was more than welcome. It may seem silly to miss rain, but there’s just something about a storm, you know?

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